Bladen County joined the Network!

On the Run would like to announce the installation of Bladen County. Covid has been the number one problem which stopped most everyone from coming into the Detention Facilities. We are a marketing company that has been approved by the National Institute of Insurance and the Sheriff’s Association. As this all subsides, we’re ready to get back to spreading the word that OTR is able to install in new facilities. In mid-October we’ll be in Bladen County installing our system and working our way to Raleigh Durham to help them get on board next.

With 21 facilities in NC, 1 in Tennessee and now 1 in the state capitol of Ingham County, Michigan, we’re growing again! OTR would like to thank all of those who have helped make this possible and we hope to announce many more counties in the future. If your county has interest, please contact us anytime. We’re heading through NC the 2nd week in October if you would like us to come by and show you the On the Run Network.

**Update*** Bladen County has added an additional 50in. TV in the Breezeway. This gives full access to the Network during locked door times.

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